Health and wellness

A survey conducted in 2014 revealed that 39% of the adult population in Hong Kong falls within the parameters for obesity. That’s mainly why most people in the country have made it their resolution to lose weight and get fit for the New Year. Unfortunately, sticking to that promise is a lot easier said than done, proven by the fact that there are more people who end up going back to the old ways, then those who stick to their fitness plan. Don’t flake out on your fitness resolution and keep up the effort until the end of the year.

Follow these 5 tips to help you stay true to your health and wellness all throughout 2017.

1. Find a Buddy – It’s easier to stay loyal to your workout when you have someone to exercise with. In the event that you feel uninspired, they will be there to egg you on, just as you should do for them when they want to skip the gym. Find someone who has the same fitness resolution as you, and pledge to encourage each other through the mission of getting healthy.

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2. Enroll in a Fun Workout – If your chosen exercise routine is fun, you’ll feel much more motivated to attend all of your sessions. It’s easy to find gyms that offer workouts like Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu, Zumba, or even pilates in Hong Kong, but be sure to shop around before signing up to be a member. Some fitness centers offer better deals than others which won’t only make it fun for you, but easy for your wallet as well.

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3. Write Things Down – When you start to feel like you don’t want to go on, looking back on journal entries you’ve written yourself will remind you of your past fitness investments. In doing this, you’ll make it difficult to skip a workout, especially because of all the effort you’ve done in the past.

4. Get Public – Telling others about your plans to lose weight and get fit will give you a sense of accountability, making it imperative to achieve results, because you know there are people waiting for the outcomes. Don’t be afraid to publicize your fitness journey by talking about it through social media or during get-togethers.

5. Stay Motivated – There are lots of people who share their fitness experiences and tips online through their blogs or social media pages, and following these individuals will give you a daily dose of the motivation you need to keep going. It also helps to subscribe to others on a fitness journey just like you, so you can socialize and motivate each other in low times.

Making a resolution is one thing, staying faithful to it is another. Be sure to stick to your fitness plans all throughout the year, and make 2017 the year you become your best, by following these 5 helpful tips.