The organic food movement is one that is taking the world by storm. People prefer buying organically produced food because it contains more nutrients, does not have pesticides, and is often fresher and better for the environment.

However, in the busy city of Hong Kong, most people don’t have enough time to scour markets and supermarkets for organic products. With the rise in e-commerce, for convenience, online organic supermarkets are popping on the cyberspace making it easier for you to shop organic products online amidst a busy schedule. Next time you’re online, check out these five organic online shops.



Kinoa sells everything from organic food to eco-friendly products for a clean and green lifestyle. All products featured are imported from Europe and stored in safe and sustainable methods. What’s great about Kinoa is that they don’t sell gluten-free and organic food only, but also natural household cleaning materials and homeware.

Organic Plus

Organic Plus is like your big superstore for organic products. You can purchase items in bulk for discounts and have them delivered anywhere in HK. Selling products coming from the USA all the way to Australia, Organic Plus carries over 1000 organic food brands. If you have the time, Organic Plus has brick and mortar stores to scattered around HK.

Eat Fresh

Eat Fresh is an organic e-greengrocery delivery service, the first of its kind in Hong Kong. You can browse for different organic food items ranging from fresh organic vegetables to organically made snacks. Their website also features healthy recipes to try out. The process is simple as you simply have to browse for items, place them in your basket and check out. Your items will be delivered to your doorstep in no time.

Happy Families

Happy Families Online Shop delivers natural, healthy and organic products to your homes. While their selection is smaller, Happy Families offers a curated menu of locally produced products. It is only at Happy Families you can purchase organic dried plums, black dates, and organic HK wild honey.

Organic Taste HK

Organic Taste HK retails only genuine products at your fingertips. Organic Taste aims to be a one-stop-shop for all things organic; selling products from Canada, New Zealand, and Europe among other places. They feature home-grown Hong Kong brands as well.

These five organic online shops offer great products to fill your refrigerators and pantries with top-notch organic goods. Next time you’re in search of organic food but don’t have the time to head to a market, simply go online and shop organic products online.