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The Best Workout on A Mat: The Advantages of Pilates

In the fast-paced and often dizzying atmosphere in Hong Kong, you wonder how people manage to cope with the stress of daily living. Time is precious in HK, and surprisingly, people squeeze in time to keep fit and healthy. You can’t help but notice that there have been...
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Live a healthy lifestyle: 5 websites to buy organic products online in HK

The organic food movement is one that is taking the world by storm. People prefer buying organically produced food because it contains more nutrients, does not have pesticides, and is often fresher and better for the environment. However, in the busy city of Hong...
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THE NEW HEALTHY / Unobtrusive & Hassle-Free Health Sensors

Digital monitoring systems are revolutionizing the healthcare industry. Advances in microelectronics, sensors and data analysis paved the way for the entry of health sensors that would open new doors. Unobtrusive health sensors make it possible for medical patients...
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