Bodybuilding may not be as complex as rocket science or neurosurgery but it also takes extreme patience, hard work and discipline. If you have decided to hit the gym in Hong Kong, the best way to do it is to know the proper rules and etiquette to avoid annoying your potential gym mates. How Should I Behave Inside the Gym?

Just like the society in whole, gyms have their own set of rules and regulations. Here are some of the worst gym habits that we should avoid:

  1. Not wearing proper gym clothes. Don’t come to the gym wearing your office clothes, nor should you wear clothes that would make your gym mates uncomfortable.
  2. Not thinking about safety first. Your safety should always come first whenever you are going to a gym in Hong Kong. Don’t drop heavy equipment because you may hurt yourself or your instructor. If you can’t lift it, ask for assistance to adjust the weight.
  3. Talking too loud. If you are going to run, use your legs and not your mouth. Running on the treadmill produces more sweat compared to running your mouth. Besides, who likes a chatterbox?Gym Etiquette Guide
  4. Leaving gym equipment behind. If you are going to use gym equipment, make sure that you put it back where it belongs. Misplaced gym equipment can lead to accidents.
  5. Sweating all over the floor. Before leaving, make sure that you don’t have a puddle of sweat. Use a rug to wipe it out.
  6. Not thinking about other people’s space. Other people need to use the gym as well so mind your space whenever you are breaking a sweat. Not doing so can sometimes lead to accidents, too.
  7. Greed. Use one gym equipment at a time. Don’t take it unless you are going to use it immediately. Taking gym equipment without actually using it can upset other people.
  8. Bringing unnecessary stuff. Don’t bring your designer bag, your limited edition Nike shoes, your Apple Watch and your other cool belongings inside the gym. There is a designated locker for you and that is where your things belong while you are inside the gym facility. Bring only what you need for your workout.
  9. Long showers. Avoid staying in the shower for too long. Remember, there is a queue of sweaty gym members waiting for you to finish. If you want a long and relaxing bath, do it in your own place!
  10. Arriving late. Respect your gym instructor’s time. Time is gold and if you are going to waste it, do not involve other people. Don’t come late even if other people are.
  11. Quitting because you feel lazy. This is probably the worst gym habit to pick up. Some people start going to the gym and working out, but after a month or two, they disappear! All your hard work will go down the drain if you just suddenly quit. If working out is hard for you, start slowly but surely. Don’t go all in only to give up in the middle of your program.

Your training program will evolve as you progress. It will become tougher. This is why you should remember your reason for going to the gym so that you will feel inspired whenever you work out. The healthier and sexier you is right around the corner!

Gym Etiquette